Corporate Partners Committee

The Corporate Partners Committee is dedicated to recruiting new corporate partners. Equally important is making sure our Corporate Partners are happy and receiving all the benefits we offer to them. Members of the committee communicate regularly with each representative of our Corporate Partners.

Events Committee

Develops the monthly meeting program line-up and coordinates all of the meeting activities including selection of speakers, showcase tables and opportunity drawings. Committee members are passionate about enhancing every NAWBO-SB member’s ability to succeed through quality speakers, thoughtful networking, and good food. We are detail oriented, compulsive about excellence, and love to laugh. We always need additional committee members of like ilk!

Finance Committee

Reviews financial activities as needed.

Marketing Committee

The PR / Marketing committee oversees NAWBO-SB’s communications, marketing and branding. Its objectives and tasks include:

  • Raising awareness of the chapter in the community
  • Promoting programs, special events, and workshops
  • Generating positive media attention and recognition for the chapter
  • Highlighting members and member accomplishments as possible
  • Producing professional, on-brand marketing materials to assist in achieving objectives

Masterminds Committee

Provide guidance, creative ideas, positive support, honest feedback & accountability in reaching professional goals.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee heads up creative efforts to grow membership, enrich member experience and reach current members to keep them involved in ways that offer business value. This committee works hard to identify women business owners who will strengthen and contribute to the chapter’s growth. It is integral in welcoming new members to the chapter each month. The Membership Committee responsibilities include:

  • Identifying needs and perceptions of members and prospects.
  • Recommending policies, procedures and strategies for enhancing membership.
  • Recommending means for making prospective and current members aware of the resources, services and membership benefits of NAWBO on the national and chapter levels.
  • Developing and implementing initiatives to recruit new members and retain current members.
  • Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation in NAWBO-Indy activities.
  • Connecting new members to current members to strengthen business relationships.

Nominating Committee

Manages nominations.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee provides oversight and support of NAWBO-SB members as it relates to local, state and federal initiatives for women business owners. It’s focus is to:

  • Monitor and review codes, ordinances and legislation which directly impacts women business owners.
  • Communicate with elected officials and policy makers regarding issues impacting women business owners.
  • Formulate and advocate for needed change.
  • Educate members about current issues, new laws, regulatory and administrative matters.

Social Media Committee

The social media committee manages all NAWBO-SB social media platforms. Committee tasks include:

  • Post events, invite members
  • Share NAWBO-SB member news
  • Manage incoming messages
  • Interact with key NAWBO-SB partners
  • Post event photos and other updates

Bravo Committee

The Bravo Committee plans NAWBO-SB’s signature Bravo Awards event, held annually in March. This committee typically meets as needed to organize the event, beginning in the fall and running through March of the following year. Committee responsibilities include securing the venue, negotiating pricing, managing nominations, organizing day-of event needs, and all communications. This committee is generally chaired by the NAWBO-SB president-elect.

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